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India — Dark Roast

It is fairly uncommon to get a coffee grown in India.  This coffee makes for a great dark roast.  Smooth, balanced, robust.  Like our other dark roast coffees, this has a lower acidity.  

Lalithadri Coffee Estate has been owned by Mr. Jayaram MS since 1990. It is a 69-hectare farm growing several varieties of coffee. The farm is in a very biodiverse area and peafowl, bison, wild boar, and other wildlife can be spotted on the property. The estate owner has a master's degree in entomology in addition to his coffee farming.

Coffee here is picked ripe and the post-harvest processing is done using great care to preserve water and other resources; coffee pulp is turned into compost for nutrition.



Country India
Region Chikmagalore
Farm Lalithadri Estate
Variety S795, S6, Chandragiri
Altitude 1035 masl
Proc. Method Washed

The Cup

Chocolate, toffee and lemon flavors; sweet and citric with a smooth mouthfeel.