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Yemen Haraaz — Exclusive Light Roast

This coffee from Yemen is one of the most highly regarded and special coffees Cottonwood has ever offered.  We have purchased this coffee from our importer in Minneapolis, Cafe Imports, and this is what they have to say:

A few years ago, Cafe Imports' head of sourcing, Jason Long, was on a long hunt for spectacular Yemen coffees—the kind the coffee-history books are literally written about—and he finally found some in the mid-2010s, when he met Shabbir Ezzi, an entrepreneur and the owner of exporting company Al-Ezzi Industries. Shabbir has invested not just money, time, and energy, but also his life by relocating to Yemen in order to make high-quality coffee a viable, sustainable, and empowering pursuit for the farmers in and around the coffee region of Haraaz. Shabbir had the passion for improving Yemeni coffee, but not necessarily the background in quality development: Jason requested that Al-Ezzi focus on buying fresh (not dried) cherries from producers and to dry the cherries evenly on raised beds rather than the traditional patios and rooftops. Shabbir agreed, and the collaboration has had remarkable results. Al-Ezzi still works with producers in the traditional way as well, and is able through their efforts in sourcing and sorting to buy coffee at different levels of quality and traceability from producers in Yemen.

Origin Yemen
Region Sharqi Haraaz
Farm Various smallholder farmers
Variety Tuffahi, Dawairi, Jaadi, various other heirloom varieties
Altitude 1900–2440 masl
Proc. Method natural
Harvest Schedule October – March

The Cup

Mellow and sweet with chocolate, clove and mellow berry flavor.